Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Warsaw Day 1 poland Day 3

 This picture is mostly cute, not because of my slouching but because both Mike and I have a picture taken here while we were on our missions (not together obviously)
 This is lazienki park. It is huge and beautiful! This is where Chopin concerts are for free every Sunday and it made for great contacting. There are also a ton of peacocks around-this one was hiding in a tree and we thought it was so cute....okay okay, I thought it was cute-Mike thought it was neat.
 Because it is my birthday, Mike got us a gondala ride on the lake.

 We had donuts at our favorite place! They were missing my favorite flavor so we may have to go back tomorrow....shucks!
 Mike got us tickets to a Chopin concert and it was so great!
 We walked around a little bit and told good ol mission stories.
 We then took a ride on this big helium balloon that goes up, and then comes back down. We got an especially fun ride because it was so windy.

 Here is the view we saw.
 This is the Eurocup stadium in Warsaw. Looks pretty cool right?
We rented a car for the day to get us around a little faster. Plus it was supposed to rain. Parking is super easy here becuase you can park on the sidewalk. These people must go through a ton of tires. They are very patient drivers, they rarely honk which is cool but we did find out that they don't like to let people over and if you try you will get flipped off. See, it is fun things like this you wouldn't learn as a missionary.
This is one of the prettier, more well kept palaces we have seen on this trip. I forgot what it was called but it is really pretty. :)

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