Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Warsaw Day 2 Poland Day 4

When was the last time you fed a peacock? Usually they don't wander around parks like they do here. We went to this park with the full intention of feeding peacocks, ducks and getting a chipmunk to jump on our shoulders. 

The chipmunk wouldn't come on our shoulders and we found out the hard way that they really don't love bread. Note to self: bring nuts. 

The ducks were having some trust issues as well. 

We stopped by the Wolska chapel just to take a picture but we were able to run into an old member too so that was fun. 

This is the uprising museum. You will see this sign all over in Poland. The people were sent into ghettos and trapped by the Germans. They tried to revolt but didn't succeed. There is a whole museum done about it and it really helps to gain respect for the country and better understand how much of it was destroyed by the Soviets and Nazis. 

Headed on over to Old Town. There was supposed to be a jazz festival but we didn't find it.  It was still fun to people watch though. 

This statue was made in honor of all the little kids that fought in the Warsaw Uprising. 

This is me trying to get someone to let us in so we could share a message about Jesus Christ. Just kiddin!

These are Chopin benches that play music when you press a button. pretty cool right? 

Tomb of the unknown soldier

Not only was this a fantastic place to do white boards on the mission but it gives you a great  view of the Russian building that Stalin built.
Off to Denmark!

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