Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Vienna Day 1

 We started with eating some breakfast at a big deal right? We went to get some food at some local stores and they were all closed! Apparently it is some Austrian holiday. It only got in the way a few times though. Everything closes down in Poland on holidays and I guess Vienna follows that rule as well.

 Vienna is one of those places! You walk around and you are constantly saying Wow! It is just gorgeous. We were constantly getting side tracked because we wanted to go see the building next door.

 We headed into a butterfly garden. Mike was bribing them to come to him with a banana  and then one landed on my head as we were heading out!

 Trying to spice up our pictures...
 This palace is enormous! We took a tour of it and while we walked through the gardens-we decided to take a nap on a bench because we were so tired and there was still so much more to see!

 We got some dinner and desert and headed to a Mozart concert next to the palace. Sounds very cultured right? It would sound even more so if we hadn't dozed off a little bit...
 Such a tiring day but one more day here and then we are off to Hungary!

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