Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Our First Few Days of Our New Life

I went to a substitute interview Monday morning. It went really well and they said they would write me a letter in 2 weeks letting me know. Before I went into the interview this lady (who may or may not have been the same race as me) told me that I was going to get shot while I was here teaching...that was comforting.

Then to follow it up we saw this bumper sticker that says "Don't shoot, I want to grow up" with a picture of a little boy on it...comforting again...The rest of Monday morning, we spent looking at apartments. We found one that night and we can move in on Wednesday!
We are so excited about our apartment! It overlooks the city and the lake. It has a nice gym and underground parking and it is right next to a golf course. In the picture above it is the one on the right. We are walking on some rocks by the lake and if you go down a little farther there is a sandy beach. You can't even see the end of the lake it is crazy how big it is!

The rest of the days we have ran some errands for my teaching and then we went and visited Polish town. It was not nearly as big as I was hoping but it was really cool. All the books were in Polish, all the people were speaking Polish.
We ate at the restaurant called Staro Polska (Old Poland) and it was so good and way cheap. Loved it! And our waitress was so nice to talk to us. It took me awhile to get back into my Polish but Mike was able to save me a few times.
We also went and visited the campus. It is so beautiful! Mike was able to grab some of hsi books from a free table in his building. Saved us a few bucks :)And this is what I need to work on to embrace the Chicago life....apparently I got a long ways to go. I have dark sunglasses and I don't use ketchup when I have J-dawg sauce but the mustache may be a little bit more difficult....
More pictures of our apartment to come!

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  1. HURRAY...i am so glad you found an apt!!!! you are going to have so much fun exploring your new home! how exciting!!!! can't wait to hear more, and will keep you in our prayers for you job! =)