Sunday, August 21, 2011

Adventures in Chi Town...

We had some fun adventures yesterday! It is my birthday today, so we decided to celebrate on Saturday...and there was plenty to do. We took a bus downtown excited for the water and air show that we had heard a great deal about...

We noticed some sprinkling and by the time we left the bus, it was pouring!!! It became so dark and everyone just ran into the nearest store and waited for it to end. The nearest store to us...Nieman Marcus where we found a fur coat for 6,000$ we ran through the rain to something more our type-the Nike Store.

Within a few hours the rain had stopped and the air and water show was back on. So we headed to the beach and we saw some sweet jets fly through the air and doing a bunch of flips. It was tight. What still amazes me is how this is a real beach! The water is so clear and pretty and never ending and yet-it's a lake!
We found NBC studios and the sports casters going live right in these windows. It was pretty tight.
It was amazing how much there is to do when you just wander the city. There is a ton to do here and we will keep you posted!

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