Sunday, August 21, 2011

Culture shock

So I expected culture shock when I went to Poland. It is far away and it is a different culture, country and continent! I didn't expect quite the same culture shock when I came to Chicago. But let me tell you some of the hard lessons learned
1. Traffic-it doesn't matter what time of day it is-there is traffic. It still blows my mind when our GPS has us get somewhere on one freeway and get back from a completely different one.
2. Exit signs-If you don't watch every single sign you see-you will miss it, and you will get lost for at least 30 minutes. Often you will find your exit just says "exit" and does not actually have a label so know where your going and have faith that your little blue dot on your GPS is accurate.
3. Sometimes the GPS lies. I think because of the tall buildings-it gets a little confused, but for the most part-the GPS has been an absolute amazing help! If it weren't for that we would be even more lost than we are now!!
4. Chicago drivers are big believers in an eye for an eye. You cut them off (accidentally of course) they will go out of their way to cut you off. You honk, they honk. Although frightening at first has turned out to be a little humorous.
5. The be aggressive-be be aggressive chant learned from AYSO soccer has come in handy here when driving.
6. What I thought were luxury lanes are actually just really really faded street lines...

More culture shocks to come....

(I just thought this lady was funny. She was working at WalMart)

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