Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I got done with work early today so we jumped in the car and went to this museum. Turns out working for CPS (CHICAGO PUBLIC SCHOOLS) gets me into all the museums free! AND I even got our second months rent for free :) exciting right?
So we went into this museum for Body Worlds and turns out this whole museum is equally as cool and seriously a museum on steroids.
While we were waiting for our time to get into the museum, we walked in and saw a full on submarine that the museum was actually built around. Then we walked through some WWII things, then the airplane part of the museum, then the toy part, then the NASA part, then the science part. You could have spent hours just walking around here. This was a 3 story Museum and that is not to mention the body world part which was stellar as well.
Come to find out you can actually go to the Chicago library (largest library in the country by the way) and you can rent free passes to all these museums! HELLO! How cool is this city??
Body Worlds was way tight! I especially loved seeing the baby at the different parts of pregnancy. But I hated seeing the old arthritic parts of the body-getting old really scares me now! But seeing the animals was pretty tight as well. It really makes you appreciate your body and want to take care of it. But it shocks me how much can fit inside of us.

Yesterday, Mike had a job interview on campus so I went with him(sat outside of the interview of course) and we walked around the school for a bit. Look how pretty it is! Some of these buildings are over 100 years old. Really an impressive sight.

Chicago is known for having a ton of free things to do. This concert wasnt free but we got lucky and got some free tickets from some friends. It is the band Chicago in Chicago. It was so cool. I guess they do concerts in this park almost every night. We were the youngest people there-apparently young people these days just don't enjoy the classics ;). But all the adults brought in tables and wine and cheese and set up their candle light dinners and drank to the sounds of Chicago. There were a ton of people there and the longer the night went the more entertaining those intoxicated people became. Ironically enough this was my 2nd Chicago concert. My dad took me to one forever ago!

As you can tell-we are having a good time. The good times will quickly come to an end as school starts and winter hits but we will enjoy it as we can. Every time we do something cool here, I just keep thinking-Oh my parents would love this! I hope they come visit soon :)

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  1. And your parents wish they were there, too!