Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Day of Culture

Our day started off with a trip to a Polish Festival. It was super disappointing! We walked in and everyone was speaking English, there was English music, people selling some Polish stuff which they covered up when the weather started to get a little bit sketchy and then $7 Keilbasa which was totally a rip off since you could go down the street and eat at a Polish restaurant for that same price and be super full! We were out of there...but still hungry...

On our way home we saw a sign on the freeway for CHINATOWN! So then began our next journey. We parked and wandered around Chinatown and asked some people for a good restaurant. We were sent to a place that was completely packed. The food was delicious and cheap and the leftovers lasted for 3 more meals! That's my kind of place :) It is especially good if you like to hand pick the live fish you would like fried up

When we got back, Mike watched the BYU game and we were off again to see Jacks Mannequin. He was so talented! Really impressive and super clean. I am a big fan. It is good to see people with talent in the music industry every one in awhile.

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  1. You two are having such a fun experience!!! Miss you!