Saturday, August 27, 2011

Look how clear that water is! It was insane and just the right temperature. It is really shallow for a long time too! We have loved living so close to the water. It will sure make us want to live next to a beach when we move to California :) day.
And you look just a little to your left and boom! There is the sears tower. Chicago is one in a million.
And culture shock #8 or something like that-they lock up their body wash
This morning we went and met some people up at the Lincoln Park zoo. It is actually a free zoo and this Gorilla was just sitting right next to the glass just staring at people. It is funny how fascinating they were when they weren't really doing anything at all. I tried to wave...but he wouldn't wave back.
Last night we decided to just wander and see what we could see and low and behold at the zoo we were at today-there was a concert by Colbie Caillet. We just sat outside and listened. She was pretty good live and I bet the monkeys really enjoyed it too.

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