Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

This is the card I made my dad. Although I made it two weeks ago, I sent it a day late so sadly it is not there yet :( Sorry!

This card was made for the future father of my children
And to go along with the card, I made Mike a future family portrait. My photoshop skills are not the best-but it still makes me laugh.
But Father's day would not be the same without saying something to the first man in my life-my dad. My dad has got an amazing ability to love and be loved by everyone. I have always wanted to be like my dad. He will do anything he can to make others happy. He has been a great strength in my life, he has always kept me down to earth and has taught me so much about life and religion. I owe a lot of who I have become and what I have accomplished to him and his example.

Here are two of my favorite stories about him:
1. My dad has always been very careful to keep us away from trouble. When I was about 16, me and my friend Kelsey had a bunch of guy friends that we loved to hang out with. One night, we decided to go swimming at my house. As it got colder, we wanted to turn on the spa. My dad turned it on, but said that girls and boys were not allowed in the spa at the same time because he "knew what that led to". So we had to take turns. 2 girls would be in the spa while 6 boys were in the pool and then we would switch 6 boys in the spa while 2 girls were in the pool. I was so embarrassed, as any 16 year old would be. So I went to my dad and begged him to let us all in the spa. Finally, he agreed. I ran outside and told everyone to jump in! Right when we all got settled, we looked over to find that my dad had taken a chair and pulled it over to the window so he could monitor us!

2. I remember my first breakup when I was 18. I was devastated because I thought for sure this relationship was eternal. I remember crying and telling my dad about it to which he responded, "Alyson, you are 18, you'll be fine. It is time for you to get over it." He was right, I stopped crying and I was fine. But I learned to always go to my mom for sympathy before I needed my dad for the wake up call.

Love ya pops!


  1. I am crying laughing at the Spa story...i totally forgot about that! But oh yes, i can picture him now sitting in his chair in front of the window! Oh i love your dad!! Good times!

  2. and PS....LOVING the picture of your and Mikes future offspring! He looks just like Mike! =)