Thursday, June 16, 2011

Free Bird

I am often asked, "Now that you don't teach, what do you do all day?"
Well, let me tell you :)

I am growing flowers and herbs.

I have been going to cooking classes at the Bosch store. I learned to make amazing rolls and strawberry jelly.
I redid this lamp and now it perfectly matches our pillows. I am not in love with the blue (it looks like Neptune), but I took some sandpaper to it and I am liking it a little bit more.
Upon request, I made Eric these holsters. I am not really sure why he needed them, but I know I am pretty impressed with myself.
I have made a lot of cards
I painted this mirror with a sock. I saw it on a home show. It gave it an un-smooth look that I really like. Plus, it was a lot easier than painting with a brush and trying to be accurate.

So as you can see...I am very occupied. Not to mention that I work for a temp agency every once in awhile to earn money for all my projects, lay out and go running. I LOVE THE SUMMER TIME!!

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  1. OH I AM LOVING YOUR sounds freakishly similar to mine...but throw a 2 1/2 year old in the mix, play time, "school" time, potty training and the occasional bout of morning sickness and we are like TWINS!!!! wish you lived closer so we could spend our crafty days together!!!! XOXO