Sunday, June 12, 2011

cupcakes and bed spreads

Can anyone tell me why my pictures always upload out of order?? I can't figure it out!
Anyway, Mike's sister's birthday was last week. She came over and we had some Chinese Chicken Salad (which was pretty tasty if I do say so myself) and then we had some pretty cute cupcakes. A long time ago, my parents bought me some basic cake decorating tools. I randomly decided to bring them out to decorate the cupcakes. Pretty cute right. I used some coconut extract in the mix and then below you can see I made them a rainbow! It was pretty fun.
My mom made Mike and I this duvet-Isn't it so cute!? I absolutely love it! We headed over to pottery barn and bought some pillows to go along with it and I really like them. Tomorrow I am buying some blue paint to paint a mirror. If it works out-I will post the pictures. :)
There is the inside of the rainbow cupcake-Cute right?! Thanks!

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