Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pirate Mike

Oh so Mike and I have been playing on a soccer team together on Monday nights. It has been really fun with the exception of this last game. Mike headed the ball at the same time as another guy and he got a slit near his eyebrow. So he walks off the field and goes and takes care of it in the bathroom. He puts a bandaid on it and comes back on the field! Crazy kid! Before you know it he has a little bit of blood rolling down his face. I think it was a good intimidation factor. Well, after we ran some errands and then went to the Urgentcare to get him 7 stitches. I am pretty sure I could have done it myself. I am actually a pretty good seamstress and I wouldn't have even charged! But I didn't have the drugs to numb him up...maybe next time?
Well now he has one sweet bruise. I will have to sneak a picture later.

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