Wednesday, March 23, 2011


First of all, can I just mention that Mike and I are getting married in 17 days....That's insane! I remember when it was in the 100's! Next week is our last full week living separately. But anyway...that is not why I am writing.
I have found a new love! TJ MAXX and KSL CLASSIFIEDS!
I have loved being dirt poor and searching for projects to make our new place look fabulous!! And it is definitely getting there if I do say so myself! The picture below does not do it it has nothing compared to what it will have when I am done with it :)
The best part is so far (with the exception of the new couch), we have only spent 50 bucks!
The TV and stand was Mike's dad. The clock was a gift from Mike's sisters for the wedding. The stools were an amazing find on KSL, the carpet and pillow were amazing steals at TJ MAXX.
Now is the best part though-we found a coffee table on KSL that I am going to paint mustard! I am way excited and I can't wait to start!

Here is the pillow up close-Sweet right?

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