Monday, March 21, 2011

So here is our new place thus far. We went to RC willey and found a great deal on a couch-a lot cheaper than what we have seen on craigslist and KSL. So we bought it! To save some money we decided to just put it on top of my car and drive it down the street. Eric and Mike did a great job with the driving and the lifting. We eventually had to ask someone else to help take it up the stairs to our apartment-but the job was done and it looks great!
We hung up the sweet clock we got from Mike's sisters and put up the massive TV that used to belong to Mike's dad. As much as I have this ideal look I would love-hand me downs do the job and do a much cheaper job-so we will take it! We are now on the hunt for a coffee table, dresser and rug. But I think it will come together in the end. :)

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