Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sleddin' Saturday

So Saturday's are always a blast this semester. Mike works all day on Friday's so I don't get to see him but then he gets done with work around noon on Saturday and we have all day together! Yesterday we went sledding with his "old family". This was my second time sledding my whole life. Some would say I was deprived- I say gratefully protected :). The first few trips down I was all over the place! But once I got on the tubes...I was a natural! Perhaps because it takes no effort at all...I like that.
I think Mike was slightly embarrassed. But he is getting more and more used to that embarrassment. We went with his family and had scones after wards. Mike had to go ref a game so I went and watched him and thought how grateful I am I am not in high school. We then went to comedy sports with Castleton and Broadbent. It was a really fun day!
I just need to learn to take more pictures!!

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  1. I thought your blog was private!! I guess that was a few years ago :0). Congratulations girl!! I'm so excited for you!!

    Carrol (K's friend from p-town)