Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Rockin' Saturday

Another Saturday has come and gone and I am so grateful for the day of rest tomorrow :)
Day of rest=nap time with no guilt!
Well this Saturday was an adventure! I got some work done in the morning and then it was off to Mike's work where we picked up one of the kids he works with. The three of us went snowboarding/skiing at snowbird. It was my second time snowboarding ever (the first being with Paul when I was 19). The first time was not a joyful experience and this time started out just the same. I became a little frustrated....little is a gross understatement. I might have gotten a little mad at Mike...woops! Sorry! But he was a great teacher, and had a lot of patience for my complaining-maybe that is why we are getting married??
Anyway, I ended up at least sort of getting the hang of it and willing to go again which is a huge step right?
After, we went and made smoothies and played rockband with Trevor and Karley at Eric's apartment. It was a fun all Saturdays are:)

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