Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Foreigner

So Mike got me tickets to The Foreigner for Christmas! We went yesterday and it was hilarious! I highly recommend it. There was a strange part with the KKK at the very end...not necessary...but whatever. It really was so funny. It was done at the Orem Hale Center Theater where they have you surrounding the stage. It is a really small theater, but for as small as it is, I was really impressed. We went and saw the Scarlet Pimpernel a few months ago in the same place-it was well done!
This was Mike's third play. After, he asked me why there was not any singing. He then mentioned that he wanted to go see another one in the Salt Lake Hale theater...I questioned his straightness for a minute...but I think he genuinely wants to go.


  1. YEAH for the Kuhle blog! You guys are the kuhlest. (That name never gets old.) Can't wait to read daily the happenings of you two!

  2. Als, can you take off the word verification? I hate those things!

    And you've heard of blurb, right? You can create a book made of all your posts for all posterity to read! It's an online journal with pictures. So much better than scrapbooking. I think I need to do one soon. You should plan on it in like a year!