Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pumpkin Patch

This is a little late. He is almost 11 months now, but he is getting so dang big! He loves anything that rolls and he walks like a drunk. But a cute drunk. He is still a little wobbly, but he is very proud of himself. We joined a little mommy and me class and he loves going there and playing with all the toys and swinging on the swings. He doesn't care too much about the other kids, but he does love to use them to help him stand. I think it bothers them, but I think it is funny.

I am not really sure why we call it a pumpkin patch. Perhaps farm with a bunch of pumpkin strategically placed in there is a better way to describe it. Now that I think about it, I have yet to see any of my friends actually go to a real pumpkin patch. They must be imported...
None the less, I remember last year being 8 months pregnant with a little boy in my tummy and thinking, "Wow, next year we will be here with our 11 month old." And in a blink of an eye, there we were. I love Lambardi Farm becuase it is free to get in and there is so much going on. There is plenty of things to pay for and plenty of things to do for free. With Beckham being so little and not really caring about the wagon rides, we opted for a free day and it was wonderful. We wanted to go early in the morning so we could feel a little Fall chill before the hot October day came in.

They have a little corn maze type place that has a bunch of scarecrows. They all have so much personality.

His favorite part was the cars and tractors. He got to just sit in the car and honk the horn while his dad pushed him around. Who wouldn't love that?

He has become such a climber. He goes up and down our stairs like a pro and loves to climb up in the playgrounds and slide down the slides.

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