Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Youth Conference Day 2

Day 2 started out with breakfast and a forecast of thunderstorms. :/ The rain came, but really didn't mess us up too much which we were soo grateful for. We finished off the same rotations we had the day before. After those rotations, there were two more where the whole group was split in half so 50 kids/50 kids. 
Ammon came and spoke to them tossing around arms and then the kids played "Capture the Sheep" or in other words, capture the flag. The kids loved it! And so did Mike. 
The next rotation they went to Helaman. He had each of them pick a weapon. The weapons (pool noodles) were marked to tell which group they would be in. Some were the Lamanites, some were Nephites and some were the Strippling Warriors. He had the Lamanties and Nephites on opposite sides of a hill and then they started to run down to attack each other. Mid-battle, the Strippling Warriors came in and ambushed. The kids loved it and it hopefully gave a good visual for them they will always remember. Afterwards, Helamen spoke to them and his wife talked about what it is like to have a child in a war-she is a military mom. They then had a great discussion about their modern day battles and what they deal with everyday. Worked out wonderfully. 

They went off to pack and to Dinner and met back to hear Elder and Sister Higham speak. He is an area authority from my home town. They both did such an amazing job and the kids absolutely loved them. Afterwards, they met with their Bishops and headed home in the rain. 

Altogether, it was a great conference. Being the first conference we have ever really been in charge of, there is a lot we learned but I think all in all, everything turned out pretty well and it was really memorable for the kids. 

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  1. I am so glad that you did a blog about the conference. It helped me visualize everything you did. Looked so fun...well done! We had so much fun babysitting Beckham while you were at the conference.