Monday, August 25, 2014

A Birthday surprise

Being a stay at home can get boring sometimes. Knowing that, Mike places some cards all over the house for me to find throughout the day giving me some ideas on what we were up to this next weekend. He has become the best planner. I keep trying to get him to tame down, but he went over the top this time and it was pretty fun. 
When he came home from work, we had some Red Robin for my free Burger and then this beautiful ice cream cake. I LOVE ice cream cake although the "Better than anything cake" is a close second.

We LOVE having Beckham around. He is so much fun and so happy BUT there are a lot of things that we can't do with a baby so we tried to squeeze it all in in 24 hours while my parents took care of the baby. First off, we headed to Balboa park and went for a bike ride. That park is huge! and gorgeous! It was so fun to just roam around.

We then headed to the Prado Restaurant which was amazing!
Straight to the Gas Lamp District. There was a lot of partying going on but it was fun just to walk around. 
Ghirardelli Sundae to share...sooooo delicious.
We headed to bed at the Hilton and woke up bright and early so we could go on a kayak tour through La Jolla Coves. We tried to go snorkeling but didn't get to see much at all. 

From there we went to The Taco Stand. THE BEST carne asada burrito we have ever had. To top off the day before heading back to the babe we went to a movie at a movie theater that just happened to have a reclining seats. Oh man, why is't every theater like that???
We headed back home to meet up with my sister's family and my parents to swim and eat dinner to celebrate my sister's birthday too. I love birthdays that last forever but eventually it ends, and it's all back to reality. 

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