Thursday, May 1, 2014

Not complaining, just saying....

Earlier this week was rough. They were just one of those days when you want to snuggle up in a blanket and turn on How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days and do nothing but eat popcorn. I wanted to do that soo badly. But alas, there was this strange noise in the other room...oh right, a baby. Not just a baby...a teething baby. Bless his must hurt to teeth and bless mine for having to deal with it :).
If I could have called in sick to motherhood that day, I would have. I tried to watch the movie anyway. It took 4 hours to get through it amongst it all.
Sometimes, it hits me- my life is not my own anymore. It was kind of like one of those days when you are pregnant and you can't sleep or one of those days when you are bit breastfeeding and you body isn't my own anymore either. Bless mothers for having children....oh wait, my baby is waking up. Hold please....Okay, I distracted him with a box. I think it will buy me a few minutes. It really has got to be the most selfless things on the planet. One day I hope to be selfless like other moms. I am still trying to watch my own movies and get frustrated when I get woken up by tears in the other room....but one day....I will be like my mom and no matter how big my kids get, I will still drop anything I am doing to help them.


  1. You are such a cute mom! Your little guy is so adorable and when he smiles at you it makes getting up in the middle of the night (numerous times) or those rough days well worth it! Hang in there and enjoy the ride of motherhood!

  2. Hang in there...this baby phase where they need you for every.single.thing will not last forever! You will figure out how to still have a little bit of your "own life" in each stage--it just takes a little more work, as you have found :)