Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day

We got Mike a wetsuit at a garage sale for 5$, the board behind me, 5$. We got some other surfboards for 1$ and they are sweet too! We were so excited to get a free babysitter from the folks and head to beach to try them out on Monday morning. I found a brand new wetsuit Saturday on Craigslist. It was not exactly 5$, but it was so worth it. I never realized the difference a wetsuit makes. What was I thinking!? I really should have gotten this years ago. It made surfing so much better (not that I was ever a huge surfer). We are so excited to try these suits out snorkeling next! The rest of Memorial Dday was spent in the pool and eating burgers. YUM!
Beckham started eating a few solids this past month. He loves food! It has realy been great but do you know what is not so great now????....his diaper changes. Disgusting! Who knew just a few bites of banana could change his consistency and smell soooo much!
I have been wanting to make bow ties for some time now and finally did it! I did it from a tutorial online but hated the size on Beckham so I had to tweak it. I made sure to iron on a liner to make them nice and crisp.I think next time I will use a thicker fabric to make them even crisper. I love the way they turned out but after the cotton was drooled on, it just looked sad.
This was our last weeks trip to the beach. Holy cow, bringing a baby to the beach is a pain! We have brought him before, but he was asleep for the most part. This time, he was wide awake and we were there for a long time!He did well, he is just in that phase where his hands are always wet with drool, then he puts them in the sand and then puts them in his mouth. I am STILL finding grains of sand in his years a week later.
And here are some other pics of my kid from this weekend...


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