Sunday, December 8, 2013

Thanksgiving and then having a baby

We were on the induction list for last Monday and then got bumped to Tuesday, then bumped to Wednesday. The hospital here is the only one within an hour radius so they are really busy and inductions are just on call. I found this to be a blessing and a curse. On one hand, I really wanted to give Beckham a chance to come on his own and on the other hand, every time my phone rang, I had a heart attack thinking it was them. We called the hospital to see where we were in line on Wednesday and they said there were still 3 people ahead of me, so we decided to go to my parents' house and have Thanksgiving there. There was no point in waiting around and really if we needed to get back we could-it would just take 2 hours.
We headed to my parents' house at about 3pm on Wednesday and just hung out for a bit and played some games and ate food. What else do you do at your parents' house except raid their pantry right? Well we go to bed and sure enough 4am Thanksgiving morning, they call us in to get induced. My heart was racing-not only because of who it was but also from being woken up at 4am. Luckily, the lady on the phone was really nice and we were able to convince her to push us back one induction. The rest of the day we were attached to my phone knowing that at any minute, we would have to leave. Miraculously, we made it through the day with no phone call.
We started the morning playing kickball, chatting with all the cousins and eating breakfast burritos like usual. Went home for a nap and then headed to my cousins house for the favorite tradition of the shooting range. This year the Scotts definitely out did themselves. With 2 new guns in the mix and some amazing targets-it was one impressive competition. 
surprisingly enough, out of the three Thanksgivings Mike and I have spent together, this was his first Thacker-Scott Thanksgiving. I think he enjoyed it. 
The kids all loved being captured by the tickle monster.
We decided to go straight home after a delicious dinner just in case they called. Sure enough, 5:45am-they asked us to come in....
We got there at 6:45. After paperwork and all the initial machine hook-ups, they started Pitocin at 9:00am. I came in dilated at a 2 which I had been for several weeks. They came in every half hour and upped the Pitocin. I wasn't really feeling any contraction at all so i just ate some scrumptious ice chips and we watched The Office. My parents were dropping Eric off at the airport so they decided to come the rest of the way to see the new baby. It would have been a great plan if the baby actually came quick enough. My mom and my sister had quick quick labors so my mom assumed I would be the same. Then again, we assumed that this baby would be early and he wasn't so I don't know what to think for next time!
My parents got there at 3pm-the nurse checked me- I was now dilated to a 2.5...oh jeez....this is going to take days! Mom and Dad went to Lunch/Dinner and came back and I was to a 3. The nurse predicted it wouldn't be until tomorrow morning so my parents went home. Right when they left I started having some serious contractions. The magical epidural man came in and did his job well. 2 hours later, the epidural wore off on my right side, he tried to fix it and 2 hours later, it did it again. He reinserted it, 2 hours later went out on my left side, he tried to fix it and two hours later-it went out on my left side again. Well at this point-the nurse checked me and as she did, my water broke and I was dilated to a 8. She got the room ready for delivery. I started to push around 2am, the doctor came and in and a few more pushes later-he was born 2:27...I think- the whole thing is a little of a blur. He was placed on my deflated stomach and I pulled him up. It was an amazing feeling of relief and excitement and it was almost hard to believe that he was ours. All newborns look the same for the most I'm assuming this is the right one :) 21.5 inches long and 8 pounds 12 ounces.
We went to the recovery room at about 5am. There was a big meal waiting along with some diapers for him and some for me. We spent the next day eating some decent hospital food and sleeping as much as we could. I felt like I had just been ran over by a truck and time literally meant nothing to me. We just did our thing while nurses, doctors, social security, hearing test people came in and out and in and out. It was very peaceful and kind of nice but we were ready to get out of there and see how we would survive as first time parents. 
Mike has been amazing! He loves this boy so much it is adorable. He loves to cuddle with him and is always eager to change his diaper. He sings him to sleep and rocks him and burps him.  Beckham has already watched his first basketball game. When I say watch, I really mean slept through-he must get that from me :)
See what I mean when I said I felt like i had been ran over by a truck? But give me a break here-this was 24 hours of no sleep not to mention pushing an almost 9 pound baby out.  If I could only look as good as Kate Middleton did when she walked out of that hospital. 
We got to go home on Sunday and were greeted by some Grandparents! This is their 7th grandchild. Luckily, this guy loves to snuggle-he melted their hearts in an instant. My Mom was able to stay with us all week and just left on Friday. We did a whole lot of nothing but I loved every minute of it!
Our first little walk outside. I didn't last too long, but it was still nice. 
And Grandma teaching us how to bathe him. He barely cried-she has got a magic touch. Mike and I tried on our own-our touch was not so magical.  
I love this picture. Beckham just rolled up right next to him and made the same pose. 
And there he is Beckham J Kuhle. He doesn't cry a lot but I feel like he definitely eats a ton! Then again, I am sure every new mom feels that way. 


  1. Sounds like an eventful Thanksgiving!! We just love Beckham to pieces! Hope we see him before kindergarten! ;) You guys sure make a cute baby!

  2. Congratulations on surviving labor, delivery, and two weeks of a newborn! He is a sweetie and you guys are a cute family :)