Monday, October 28, 2013

October Shenanigans....

So I wrote the previous posts awhile ago and just now realized they "failed to publish". Whoops!
Oh well..

I think it is so weird how much my stomach grew this past month. I can tell because people run into it all the time now :) Mike had me try to squeeze through a gate so we didn't have to go all the way was pretty humorous trying to shove my stomach through like it was a bag attached to me. Maybe I am a little bit of denial that my stomach has gotten this big. As of today, I am at 37 weeks and if genetics means anything (which I have read that it sometimes does) this baby could come in the next 2 weeks. Usually doesn't when you expect it though right? In general, this pregnancy has been pretty easy-from what I hear that is. Some back pain and heart burn but not too many cravings besides my nightly hot cocoa and maybe more carbs than usual. :)

The baby's room is a work in progress. We have pretty much everything but we are using a lot of the nautical decorations for the baby shower, so I have to wait to for the finished product for another week. I made the little crab pillow and the striped crib skirt. I am glad I did because this is actually a mini crib and it is soo hard to find cute bedding for them. Plus, it was really easy to make and only cost me about 6$. Gotta love that! The crib was given to us from some people in the ward and my parents found a free cradle that will go in our room at first that I love too! People are so nice when you are you stuff, letting you always sit down, opening doors. I don't even know the last time I lifted something above 4 pounds. And boy is a stomach a great conversation starter. Strangers love to talk to pregnant women. 
When I went to the doctor last, he was saying that I was measuring small and I might have to get induced next week. Ummm....what!? I think he is full of it but..... just in case I did pick out this cute outfit for him to come home in. I am in love with it. I started packing the hospital bag and it is all a little surreal. I am already waking up to phantom cries in the middle of the night. 

Enough baby talk! Enjoy the freedom we have now right? We went to the Lancaster rodeo last weekend. It was not nearly as crowded as the Utah ones. I don't really know why I always want to go to these. I always just end up feeling so bad for the animals. 

It was a gorgeous day but the night got soo cold. So we got some hot chocolate (not nearly as good as mine:) ) and enjoyed it. 

The next day we went to the Gibbons Conservatory. Next time you go to Palmdale (which I am sure you are just dying to go)-you have to stop here. It was so fun. They study the Gibbons here during the week and open it for a few hours on Saturdays and Sundays to the public to earn money. They were a blast to watch. 

Look at this creeper one peaking through the screen. 

They have such great personalities. We were there during feeding time and that was a lot of fun to watch. They would steal food from each other and the siblings would tease each other and then run away. So many memories of Eric and I....ha

Half a mile away was this awesome pumpkin patch. You could still hear the gibbons screaming at each other. They had a scarecrow alley where people would donate homemade scarecrows. 

This is the Duck Dynasty scarecrow. Si even had his tea cup. 

The only downside to this place was there were no pumpkin spice donuts! I looked everywhere and I was so bummed. So like any girl would do...I ordered a donut pan online so I can make them myself. 

This was the first time Mike and I carved pumpkins together and it was our 4th Halloween together. I am not sure how he got out of it for so long....

This was cool for about a day until it wilted....what a let down! This year we missed our ward Halloween party so I am not even sure we are going to dress up at all! But I can tell you this...I already have some great ideas for the 3 of us next year....
Washed out the seeds and made the BEST baked pumpkin seeds! Mike just wanted salt so I made some for him and then brown sugar and cinnamon, the next were Parmesan, oregano and salt and then lastly, Paprika. The Paprika were my least favorite and the Parmesan and the Brown sugar were so good! You should definitely give those a try. cocoa.....

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