Saturday, September 21, 2013

The new life

So after A LOT of anxiety and prayer, Mike accepted a job in Palmdale, California. He had previously accepted a job in Lancaster (about 10 minutes North of here) and things were just moving at a snails pace. The paperwork for the job was taking forever and the apartments we were looking at were always taken by the time we contacted them. While waiting for things to come together there, Mike got another job offer and he decided to accept that one as well and just see what happens.  Lo and behold everything fell into place within just a few days and we found ourselves moving last Saturday. My parents gave us their washer and dryer and another family in our ward gave us an extra fridge. These things were such lifesavers and I am sooo grateful for them! We had to use a laundry room in Chicago and it was such a pain! Mike made a washer and dryer at the top of his priority list for the new apartment search and although he didn't find me a place with a pool, I know I will be very grateful for the washer and dryer when the kid comes.
We called all the Bishops in the area and tried to get a feeling of where to live. We were told time and time again not to live on the East of Palmdale. Where did we end up? East Palmdale. People told us the same thing about where we lived in Chicago....Sure we heard a few gunshots, but we came out alive and with some great stories. But in all honestly, we LOVE where we live. They are the cutest little town homes in a private, gated community. It really is its own little green oasis amongst a large desert filled with Dr. Suess trees (Joshua Trees) and dirt.  Our ward could not be nicer and already it has cooled down quite a bit around here.
We went from a small one bedroom apartment to a 3 room, 2 story house and I don't even know what to do with the space. It took me days to unpack so in the meantime we had to rope up the shower curtain like you see above and sleep on the floor for a few days until we found all the parts to the bed frame.  whoops!
Already the idea of moving with kids gives me an anxiety attack. This took way too long to get everything together. Here are some shots when things were put together a little more...
I am in love with this shower curtain I got for 10$. Who falls in love with a shower curtain??
This is the beginning of the baby's room. We have been LOVING craigslist and have fully furnished the baby's room with a crib, glider and dresser, gotten a kitchen table with chairs, and a desk all for under 150$. Can't beat that! Thank you Craig whoever you are...
This is our cute little community. 
This is the view from outside the community. Can you even tell we live in California anymore? Such a bummer, but we are getting used to it and the cooler weather these past few days has definitely helped. I have to admit it was a little depressing in the beginning, but we are getting it together. 
Mike started working on Monday and I was left all alone. I am slowly looking for a job but honestly, who wants to hire a pregnant woman at 7 months? (good excuse right??) So I have been unpacking, taking naps and decided to do an art project for the baby's room. Thank you pinterest for keeping me fully occupied until the baby comes. 
This was the final project. I don't love the middle one...but it's too late now :)
This is the cute little puppy I fell in love with today at a Mexican Swap Meet. The cutest, softest fur ball I have ever seen!!! I want it so bad but I can just see our little boy pulling on his ears already...I guess I will wait.....
One last thing! This is what happens when Mike wants to watch football...BYU was playing tonight and usually we would have people over to watch it so I can talk to the wives and the men can be men but...we have no friends.
So I had to find anything to occupy my time and use it as an excuse so I don't have to sit there and act like I am watching....Just finished the brownies:)


  1. Loving it! So glad you guys found a place that you love! a plus for us your place is big enough to come and visit ha ha :-)
    Sorry Your BYU lost :( However the UTES WON! :-)
    Don't worry about friends Allison you will meet some in good time.
    Is It pretty affordable out there in Palmdale?
    Yolanda is out there in Lancaster, so maybe she'll stop by and say hello.
    Someday when we have some money, we would like to come and visit the area and see if it's a prospect for the future. It be great to have you guys as neighbors!
    Love you guys and miss yeah I'm going to be checking your blog all the time now!
    Make me want to start one of my own!

  2. Jenn, You should really apologize to Mike about the loss-he tends to take these things very personally. Palmdale is definitely the cheaper part of california. we pay 1250 for 3 bedrooms. Orange County that would barely give you a studio apartment....but you pay with the weather and scenery a little bit...and the distance from the beach. Yolanda moved back already? I didn't think she was going to do that for awhile?

  3. your house is fantastic! i love the community and i love how it's coming together with your style. love what you made for the baby's room! :)