Sunday, September 8, 2013

Tall ship festival and the OC car show

We started our weekend from going to the Tall Ship Festival in Dana Point. There were some cool kid activities going on down below but since we lack children at the moment, we stayed at the top and just watched the ships come sailing in... Even though it was sooooooo hot all week and super hot that day in MV, the wind was blowing at the beach and it was perfect weather!
My Dad always laughs at Mike and I when we are both on our phones and not talking to each other. But I caught them too!! 
Here are a few of those ships coming by. They are soo big! oh, I mean...tall. 
It really just made you want to talk like a pirate all day long. They were some cool ships. Next time, I want to pay to get on one. They even shot off cannons when they would come around the corner. No one was hurt though so don't you worry. 
When Mike and I were first married, my dad kept telling us to go to the OC car show. The problem is it starts at 7:00am on  a Saturday and we couldn't quite get ourselves out of bed and presentable enough to leave the house in time. So we decided to give up on the presentable thing and finally go. 
The place was really packed this Saturday. It was pretty sweet. I am sure Mike would have liked me to have a little more knowledge of cars so I could be a little more interesting to talk to but I did find some "cute ones". 
Joe and I were good friends in high school and I went to EFY with his wife, Aubrey so we decided to get together and go to the LA Galaxy game (tickets compliments of OC register) It was really fun to catch up. I used to love to watch soccer, but now I like talking more. So while the boys watched the game on the edges, Aubrey and I caught up on all the Mission Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita gossip. It was just delightful. All went home happy. 

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