Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Trek from Chicago to Utah to California

This is most of the drive...not too interesting
Our brand new tire popped when we ran over something invisible and mysterious in a construction zone. 2 hours and $200 dollars later, we were back on the road. It could have been worse I guess
This was just a few minutes of our journey, but it was a little frightening. 
When we were staying at Mike's brother's place, we decided to get one of those oh so delicious snow cones. It was pretty amazing but waaaayyyyy too big. And to think, we got the medium one. 
We went to the Rodeo with Mike's family. I have to admit, I felt like a big Peta supporter after watching that. It was just so sad for those poor little animals. 
We had some great sandwiches at Cubbys with his fam too. They were delicious. 
When we got to California, we went to an Angels game and took, what I am now realizing is a really awkward picture. The game was a total blow out, but at least we got a hot dog out of it :).

I forgot to mention! On our way through Vegas, we stopped in the 117 degree heat (that is no exaggeration) to see the mission president of Poland that Mike and I taught in the MTC. It was their homecoming. Perfect timing! They did an awesome job and it was so fun to see them. They were rooting for Mike and I to get married and were excited to get the announcement in the mail in Poland. It was fun to tell them that we now have a baby on the way. Oddly enough my cousin walked through the door, she is dating a Poland missionary and they came too. Afterwards, we had lunch with all the missionaries that Mike taught at the MTC for 2 years. It was fun to see all of them. They just knew me as the teacher that would come drop off notes to Mike while he was teaching. My feeble attempt at flirting. 
I will have to post more pictures later, but this is a piece of my mom's 60th birthday party that we did for her. She didn't think Mike and I would be in town for a few more days so all the kids surprised her at a mexican restaurant in Newport. She was so surprised it was hilarious! Then we went back to Bryan's clubhouse and had this cure little set-up where we watched a slideshow of pictures of her and had pictures in the shape of a 6 and a 0. We presented her with a book of letters from all of the family both extended and immediate. She really enjoyed it and we were all able to play and swim together all week. It was a blast. 

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