Sunday, May 12, 2013

Trial run

Mike had the idea of going camping in a few weeks. I love s'mores and tin foil dinners so I was totally in. I haven't done a ton of camping- I know you're shocked. I just scream avid camper Although he had some things, we needed a tent so we bought one last night and decided to set it up to see it. We decided to invest in a 4 person tent since our future fam will be changing soon. The tent looks awesome and fits our air mattress nicely. Phew!

There are a few things I learned from our trial run 1.Having the small bladder that I do does not lend itself well to camping. What am I supposed to do the average of 2 times I go to the bathroom in the middle of the night?? I might get eaten by a bear! Poor mike will have to wake up every time to take me and fight off the raccoons.

2. I naturally wake up when the sun comes up and mike.... He naturally wakes up at 10:00am. Without a charged phone or a tv that just means that I have 4 hours to play the camping tricks on him that I learned from parent trap.

He better watch out!

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