Wednesday, April 24, 2013

2 more months in Chi Town

We are down to 2 more months in Chicago. As long as that is, it is a really short amount of time when thinking about all the things we need to hurry and jam it. We knew coming into this that we wouldn't be around long so we have really tried to pace ourselves and get all the museums, restaurants and community events in. We have done a ton of stuff! People in our ward come to us for ideas of things to do because they feel like we have done it all. Chicago is such a happening town, that even though we feel like we have gotten a lot in, I know we will realize we still missed out on some things. The summers are especially hopping and I really would have loved to spend some more summer days here. Instead, I have spent waaaaaay too many winter days here :). 
It has been neat to see how much Mike and I have grown together being out here all on our lonesome. Even though New York and Boston sounded a lot more fun to me at first, I am glad we came here. This ward has been amazing, we have made some great friends, we have had some both fun and interesting experiences that we will remember forever.
I remember coming to Chicago in a Budget truck, parking it in one of the sketchiest parts of town (didn't know that at the time) and trying to find an apartment and a job while living in a hotel. It was frightening. We finally found a place to live (close to the sketchiest place in town-again, didn't know that at the time) and we went to put down a deposit and realized that all of our checks were somewhere in the budget truck. We went to find a credit union and our phones kept sending us to Methodist UNION churches. To be honest, I am not really sure we even really had the money to pay a deposit-we spent all our money on the truck. Somehow, it all came together. We went to our first shopping trip at the nearest grocery store which we then read had a shooting in it just a few days prior. Coming from safe and cheap Provo...this was all baptism by fire. 
I got a few jobs, Mike got a few jobs and we made our cute apartment in the ghetto a home. Sure we have heard a few gunshots here and there, but really? How can you leave Chicago without having a few cool stories. Our car got broken into and they stole our temple bags....that white stuff was what we got married in and I was very bitter for a very long time. I learned about people's obsession with the Obamas. This was especially apparent by the Michelle Obama t-shirts at our nearest Walgreens. We learned to give to the homeless and I learned that showing a man your wedding ring when he is hollering at you asking for your number doesn't really do all that much. I also learned that 8 and 9 year olds can have a lot of attitude considering they are 8 and 9 and that teaching in the ghetto is a whole different experience that would take me a few more years to adjust to. 
That is all the reminiscing I have for tonight. Come back next month and then the month after that and I am sure there will be more....

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