Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Rents Come to Visit!

I was so excited to finally have them come! It was a little chilly which is a shame and the leaves are long gone off the trees but we all still managed to have some fun. We took them to some great places to eat and saw some amazing museums! Here is just a little glimpse into the fun we had.

 Because we are so spiritual, obviously we had to stop by the temple ;)
Here is the view from the highest point in chicago, the sears tower AKA Willis Tower.
They have the skydeck where you actually walk out onto a piece of glass. Although it looks like we are praying, we were actually just looking done 103 stories!

This is such a neat view as the sun was heading down at 4:30
We headed to China town to see the fried squid and have some cheap food. They have some interesting stuff there-it's pretty fun.

 We headed to the Museum of Science and Industry where they have a submarine, airplanes, tractors, space shuttles and all sorts of random things to check out. It was really fun and it is sooooo big!

 We headed to the North side to take a look at all the pretty houses.
 This is the house from Ferris Bueller. It is up for sale if anyone who is interested. It was pretty neat to see in person.

 This is the Home Alone house that was just barely sold. You could even see the porch light swinging in the wind just like in the movie!
 Of course we had to check out the gorgeous campus of the University of Chicago. It is so fun to see the ivy and these old buildings. It was soo windy though!

 More good restaurants!
 This is a Polish restaurant we were so excited to take them to. We had heard great things and when we finally got there they wouldn't let us in without a reservation! Who does reservations anymore? It is like using cash....

 I heard some fantastic things about the Architecture tour of Chicago and I knew it was right up my parents alley. We were so excited for this adventure but of course, right when we get on the boat it starts to rain! As the boat starts to go it poured!! It just kept coming and coming! It was crazy!! We were drenched!! The lightening and thunder were so loud and so close! It was really that we are warm that is....

 The Drake hotel was such a highlight with their Christmas tree!

 This is the most complete dinosaur anywhere. Cool right?

We really had such a good time! I hope they come back soon!

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  1. Yeah for parents coming to visit!!!! YOu guys packed a lot in! How fun! and LOVE that pic of you and Mike by the Water! GORGEOUS!!!!! miss u lady!!