Saturday, November 24, 2012


Nauvoo has always had a special place in my heart. My first semester in college, I decided to go to BYU Nauvoo. I loved it there! It was such a blast. My testimony of the church grew exponentially. I made some great friendships and ate some amazing senior missionary cooked food which definitely gave me my welcomed freshman 15. We traveled all over the place from New York to Ohio. Every place the saints traveled, we were there. It was just an amazing experience all around. There were not a lot of us-I think 60 maybe? Not only that, the program only last 6 years so when you tell people about this magical experience, they tend to think you are making it up-Mike included. I have spent the last 2 years trying to convince him how spiritual I was and he wouldn't believe me. I was so excited when he finally said he would come to Nauvoo with him so I could finally show him my ol' stomping ground. The funny thing is, we showed up and the building we stayed in was just grass. He still didn't believe me.  

We are about 5 hours away from Nauvoo according to the GPS that is so that's 4.5 to Mike. But I have to say dead corn field after dead corn field got old really really quickly. 
Finally we got there!
Mike found this cute quirky cabin to stay in. They were very warm and cozy. (I will be using quirky a lot in this post because I believe this is the word that captures all of Nauvoo) Right when we got there we went on a wagon ride and it was freezing!! We borrowed some blankets and bundled up and it was a horse and wagon good ol' time!
We headed to carthage for a little while too.Even the loud little kids got very quiet once they entered the room he was martyred in. It was such a reverent place.  It was such a fun trip in this cute and quirky town. 

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