Thursday, May 3, 2012

Meeting Elder Oaks

Mike and I got to go to a meeting with Elder Oaks tonight. He was being presented some law award from the University of Chicago since that is where he went to school. Although we didn't totally understand his law jargon I was very impressed by his resume. I knew he was big into law but it was impressive the career he surrendered to become an apostle. There were only 60 people there so we were able to chat with him after and take a pic. Who knew it would take going to Chicago to meet an apostle.

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  1. Alyson! (Found your blog through FB.) How random--we just shook his hand two weeks ago because he was visiting our stake for stake conference--the first time the Dothan, AL stake has had an apostle visit in 30 years! The man is getting around! How neat that you guys got to talk with him. He is usually so direct and solemn during Gen. Conf. (as he should be), but at our meetings, esp. the adult session, he was so warm and funny! It's heartening to know what kind of men are leading the Church, isn't it?