Monday, April 9, 2012

1st year complete.

Our first anniversary. Exciting right? One year down and many more to come. Now this is my first anniversary so as you can suspect,I was a little confused on what the protocol is on this. Im new at this after all
Who plans what? Is it necessary to plan something? I figured with new York and mikes birthday, we would take it a little easy. But mike did a great job taking this one by the horns.
I came home to a beautiful candle lit dinner and music. We then had chocolate dipped strawberries and watched our wedding video (that was my idea:). Mike then Surprised me with a trip to holland,Michigan! It's not for another month from now but the boy did do his research and picked out a cute hotel and found a place to ride bikes, rent a boat and just play all day. I am so excited!
We ended the night by going to a Blues club here in Chicago. It's supposed to be the best one in Chicago and it was a ton of fun with a ton of soul. At the rate were going- I can definitely see why people postpone children sometimes. Just livin the life :)

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  1. You are darling. This year flew by. Congratulations!!