Monday, May 28, 2012


Everyone around here vacations to two spots-Florida and Michigan. So we wanted to see what all the excitement was about. For our anniversary, Mike got us a little getaway in Holland, Michigan.
It was just a little overnight adventure, but it was still a lot of fun. Look at these cute little geese following their mother...tender.
We went on a ride through some sand dunes. It was like a ride on an outdoor Indiana Jones ride. It was really fun and our tour guy was really funny too. 
It was a pretty bumpy and crazy ride.And to think all that was keeping us in were these little ropes.
We walked on the pier for a little bit. Got something to eat and got to see all the cute little shops.It was like a rustic Laguna Beach. Very cute and lots of people for the holiday.
Since we were in Holland, there were a lot of little Hollandish things to see like a little Holland village and some windmills. We brought our bikes and rode through it all. It was the perfect weather for a little ride as well.

We got to hang out on the beach quite a bit and get a good base tan for our summer in La Jolla! We also got to longboard down the beach and go canoeing. The wind was so strong when we were canoeing-we really didn't get too far.It was pretty funny.

We read about this ice cream place online. It was called Captain Sundae and it was delightful! Such good mixes like fudge, reeses and chopped up pretzels.
Next trip: Florida
I really want to start hiring a professional photographer to come on our trips with us-I am getting so tired of these too close pics...oh well. 

Oh I forgot to mention! We had the most amazing pie!! It was cream cheese blueberry and it was soo good!

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