Sunday, March 25, 2012

Saturday in New York

We went quickly to Brooklyn to check out Polish town. While we were there, we found zapiekanki (Polish mushroom pizza on french bread) and bought some polish cookies. I have to admit, Chicago's Polish town, is a little more Polish.
Right after we bought some amazing donuts at the Peter Pan Bakery! They were really good and I highly recommend it.
View into Central Park at Washington Circle.
We went to the famous Soup Nazi. He wasn't there but the soup really was so good! People said it was expensive but you also get some fruit, some bread and a chocolate. It was delicious! I can see why Jerry gave up his girlfriend for it.
We went to the famous Rucker Park. I didn't know what it was at first, but turns out that all the famous basketball players started out playing there as kids. A lot of them also went back to play there during the NBA lockout. We watched some guys playing for a bit, and then Mike went out and shot some hoops with these boys.
We stopped by the Yankee stadium but we didn't want to take a tour-we would rather wait for the tour of the Boston Red Sox stadium.
We went shopping in SoHo and found this store! It was just too perfect not to take a picture.

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