Sunday, March 25, 2012

Friday in New York

We definitely woke up a little late but we still were able to squeeze a lot in.
We stopped in FAO Schwartz which was suprisingly a ton of fun
We loved the huge everything including the candy and the stuffed animals!
And of course we had to play on the Piano from Big :)

We took a 2 hour bike ride through central park stopping at the Shake Shack for an amazing hamburger and a milkshake.
Central Park was really crowded! But it was still really fun to ride around.
We stopped by Columbia to see what we were missing with moving to Chicago. I definitely liked this campus better than NYU but I think we are both pleased to be in Chicago.
Of course we had to check out the famous Sienfield cafe. The food was disgusting! But it was fun to see it

While on our bus tour of upper manhattan, the tour guide pointed out this building. It is the Manhattan Temple. Of course we had to stop. It is connected to a chapel so we went inside and were able to get some water and play some basketball in the gym.
I was so excited to see this place! It is the place where Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks meet in You've Got Mail.

Yup! That is the place!That night, we actually just got dessert and just people watched in Times Square. We could not believe how many people were there on just an average Friday night. It was insane!

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  1. So fun to see these pictures. Looks like you are enjoying life. (Found you from facebook.) Missing you this summer as we head into swim season...