Saturday, July 2, 2011

The recovery

I have always thought I was a pretty tough little girl and it is times like these I think I try to prove it to myself. I had surgery on Tuesday where they cut out part of my torn meniscus and then replaced my ACL with part of my hamstring. They said because I was young and healthy-it wouldn't be a problem using my hamstring. Well I promise you I was healthy because all of the parts of my body were in the right place-now my hamstring hurts but I guess I will get used to that one.
I have been doing a lot of research and they say that most likely I will be on crutches for at least one week up to 4 weeks and pain medicine for at least 2 weeks as well. They wanted me to walk as normal as possible and flex my muscles as I walked as well as put full weight on the leg-what's the point of the crutches?? So I dropped them the first day-too much baggage. The pain meds were making me feel weird so I stopped those the second day and haven't really felt too much except for the tightness of the bandage which gets to come off tomorrow! I am so excited to take a real shower but a little frightened to see the battle wound it in all honesty. I can already see the bruising at the top of my thigh and across my shin and if that's a sign of things to come-no good!
I have been really good about doing my physical therapy and i didn't think I would ever be this happy to bend my knee! I feel like I am making good progress. I have physical therapy Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of next week and then a doctors appointment on Wednesday where I am hoping he will say I can sleep without that massive brace because I'll be honest-that thing is not a cuddler!
I had all of these big plans to get things accomplished while I was home-plan a trip to Europe, make a wedding album, do some serious scripture study and study some polish grammar.But in reality all I have done is watch an endless amount of baby shows. Oh well-same thing next week. Let's not get too hasty.
I am hoping I can start working in a week again-just sitting jobs and I am really hoping the people at stadium of fire have some compassion on us tonight and don't make me climb all those stairs!! But swelling in my foot is almost back to normal :)...almost!

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