Saturday, May 14, 2011

One Crazy week!

Here are my Kindergartners. This week they graduate and I have to admit, I tear up just thinking about it. I am excited to go to Chicago but I am just heart-broken I have to leave my dream job with the best kids! I have loved every minute of this job and I will miss these kids dearly!! All 49!
But before they leave, Mike and I were able to go to the Zoo with them. It was a perfect day for the zoo! I have to admit, I was a nervous wreck for hours that a child was going to get lost! But alas, they didn't! We all got back safe and sound :)

We had so many parents come that Mike and I were able to wonder around for a bit by ourselves.

Saturday morning Mike and I went golfing! Mike had a pass that expired today so this was our only day to go. It was really fun and Mike was a great teacher and very patient...even when it rained on us!

This is my new obsession. Mike and I want to go to Europe next summer. So we are trying to find out all the information we can and the best places to go since we might not get back for a long time. We are for sure going to Poland and Denmark because some of our favorite people in the world are there but we are also looking for some other countries to hit along the way...let us know your opinion!
Last of all, I want to give a little thank you to Macys. My mom gave me a pearl necklace for graduation that I wore to the temple this morning and came out and the pearl was gone!! I was so bummed! So I went to Macys and after a lot of work, they finally gave me a replacement when I didn't have the receipt or box! THANK YOU MACYS!

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