Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's day! I have personally never been a huge fan but....I am now! It was such a great day! First thing I did was run over to Mike's work at the MTC and drop off a rubber duckie. It came in a case of 2 so I only left one and the other one was on his car to find after work with a list of reasons why I love him. I went straight to work and we had our Valentine's party and in the middle of it Mike walked in with gerber dasies and my favorite candy! All the kids erupted and yelled "Mike! Mike is here! Hi Mike!" It was really cute. They really feel apart of our relationship since the proposal.

Anyway, I came from work with my car decorated with "Will you be my valentine?" Super cute. On the way home from work I picked up our wedding invitations! They are super cute! What a perfect day to get those right?? I couldn't be more pleased (picture below). I came to drop them off at home and I found my room filled with balloons that when you pop them they gave reasons why he loved me! It was so dang sweet!

Mike soon came over after work and we went to dinner at an Italian restaurant and then went to Color Me Mine where we made the coolest bowls! We were going to make one for the other, but I really wanted to do a Zebra print and Mike ended up doing this really cool Polish flag on his! I am so excited to get them back! After painting there for a couple of hours, we went home and ate desert and now it is definitely time to go to bed.

It was such a fun Valentine's. Mike never skips a beat-he really did a great job planning this. We definitely would have had fun doing anything-but this was perfect!

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  1. als!! the pics below and here are so fun! i love you guys! the invites look AWESOME! i love that you both wrote things you love about each about a match made in heaven!

    p.s. here's my fav songs: say hey, rhythm, smile, crazy love!, and gambler. your video will be one of the best memories from the wedding - we still love to watch ours every once in a while!