Sunday, February 13, 2011

Give a little get a little

So Mike has been talking about these glasses since he saw them in Eric's car on the way home for Christmas. He loves them and has been trying to find some of his own. Well Nordstrom happened to have them the other day super cheap so I bought them to surprise him with. Well I was keeping them in my drawer for a bit and waiting for the perfect moment until Mike came home yesterday saying..."I went to Nordstrom and looked for those glasses!" "Oh no!" I thought. But he didn't find them. :)Then he proceeded to tell me about all the other places he went looking for them!....but didn't find them. It was perfect! So I pulled them out and he is now one stylish boy!

It was ironic too, because that day he had gone shopping and bought me my favorite chips! Man! Have we got a cute relationship or what!
Thank you Mikey!

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