Monday, September 21, 2015

Young Womens

Being in young womens has definitely been the hardest most time consuming calling I have ever had. Getting placed in this calling was a complete shock and a little unwlecomed. I am a little too selfish with my time and energy and I was already having a hard time giving up Mike to his time-consuming calling. Serves me right I guess. 
It really surprises me how in just a few seconds we are placed into a calling and expected to be in charge of 30 girls. You'd think they would treat it more like a job and train you for at least a few weeks before giving up the reigns. But it doesn't work like that and there is a reason it doesn't work like that.
I have learned a ton already in my 2 months in this position already and I guess in the end, I am glad I wasn't "trained". Although I haven't loved trying to figure this all out with a very steep learning curve, I have loved the experiences that I have been able to have with the spirit teaching me and guiding me to what MY personal role is with these girls. We are all called for a reason and have very personalized things to bring to the table. The last lady in charge was so great at so many things that I am blatantly not. It becomes intimidating to fill her shoes, but I feel like I am really finding my niche.

1. I am here to make these girls leaders. I grew up with a lot of responsibility in the church. I learned at a young age how to run presidency meetings, plan and execute activities and work with adults.  I had the most amazing leaders that taught me these things that I now need to pass on

2. I am here to reach  out to some girls that perhaps have fallen through the cracks. This is something I didn't realize I was capable of until I found myself sitting in the car with a crying girl telling me about some really personal experiences and was seeking guidance. I never realized I was capable of this until another girl sought me out during church to talk to me  about her parent's recent divorce or when another young women came over to our house one evening just to chat. I am so amazed the love I have for these girls. I find myself up at night thinking about them and their needs. I am constantly on my phone texting them and writing in my calendar that I need to talk to so-and-so or go visit a girl or watch her basketball game or take her out to ice cream. It has been the most amazing experience to look outside of myself and do what my amazing leaders did for me. 

As I found myself talking to a crying girl that was constantly searching for approval from boys. I realized that she really needed to know that God loves her. Thinking about how to help her realize this, I made her this journal with quotes, talks, scriptures and questions for her to read and answer.  It turned out wonderfully.

I just want these girls to know that they are loved and cared about.
I am so grateful for this experience and the experiences to come. 

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