Thursday, September 26, 2013

I Love Wanton Wednesdays!!

I Love cream cheese wantons! It's not just a pregnancy thing- I've always loved them. While in Chicago, I tried a lot of wantons and all of them were with immitation crab-yuck! The best ones are from Pick up stix which just happens to be right next to Mike's work. So glad to be back on the west coast where Pick up stix, In n Out and Rubios are plentiful.
Anyway... They can get kinda of pricey except on Wednesdays! .30$ a wanton. We devour them without shame as our new Wednesday tradition!
I'm hungry.....


  1. seriously my favorite too!! thanks so much for the tip! I know what I'm doing next Wednesday for sure!!!

  2. Love this idea. You're fantastic.

  3. Love this idea. You're fantastic.