Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Gender check

So we are packing up and moving across the country the week that should be our 20th week gender revealing ultrasound at the doctor. I was bummed we would have to wait a few weeks longer to find out what it was. I have checked every old wives tale in the book- draino trick, necklace trick I haven't really been craving anything sweet or salty so that one isn't working for me. All old wives tales have been 50-50 so those aren't helpful. My sister remembers her friend going to a place that will just do gender checks and... They'll do it a few weeks earlier than the doctor. So that's what we are going to do. Why not right? 
It's our first kid! We are obsessed but luckily, with moving, there is nothing we can start buying quite yet :).
 Anyway, well because I can't even wait for the ultrasound late next week, I decided to get everyone's opinion. Although the pic doesn't show the updated version, as of right now, it's 13-13. My conclusion? One sweet boy or Tom boy girl. Either way- should be fun! 

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