Sunday, March 31, 2013


We realized it was Easter on Friday and we decided to spend 6$ for each other on an Easter basket while we were at Target. Then we hid our baskets, searched for eggs, decorated eggs today and found a hill to roll them down. We tried to fly a kite today too but the windy city ripped it from the string and threw it in the lake. :( Those dang cheap kites! It has been really fun finding new ways to celebrate holidays with just the two of us!
I have been craving Cafe Rio like crazy so we attempted to make sweet pork burritos. They were actually pretty good. They will suffice for the next 3 months until we get to the real stuff. Ya gotta work with what ya got right?

We got creative :)

Amazing Burritos!

you can't see it well, but the dark spot in the lake is our sad kite

nothing like a starwars yoyo

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