Sunday, February 17, 2013


For v-day I really wanted this cute little apricot puppy. Actually, not just for v-day...just in general I want this poodle. My parents poodle was put to sleep a week ago and although she was going blind and could not really hold it until she got outside, I really liked her. I haven't even lived at home for years and the thought of it makes me sad.
Wouldn't this be the perfect replacement??
So Mike got me this puppy instead. He says it costs less. Plus it can hold a hear in its mouth-very talented.

Valentine's day is all about the sweet things and not so much about how much you spend. It is just a fun cheesy Hallmark holiday that I have completely bought into. I put some notes in balloons and put them in the room before Mike woke up.

For dinner, we went to a restaurant on the south side.

It was one of those places that was so nice, you barely got any food. But the food we did get was sure good! We had lamb...

Spicy oysters which took about 20 minutes to finally convince ourselves to try them. Topped with amazing lava cake at the end. So good!

I mostly just love the title. It cracks me up.

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