Sunday, January 6, 2013

I don't want to brag but....

Coming home from California is always difficult. There is something so nice about being around family, opening up to a full pantry with amazing food at any time and having guilt free lounge time. Then you have to come home. You have to come home to reality and go back to work to pay the bills and all that lame stuff. Not to mention going home to a town with 8 hours of sunlight a day and a frozen lake. :( 
Soooo...what do we do to keep our minds off of it all? Obviously we have to go on a trip. 
Mike claims it is for my sanity to help me get through this crazy year of teaching, but I think we both know it is as much for him as it is for me. 
We tossed around a few ideas. Searched high and low and finally found a great deal and BAM! 
We are heading to JAMAICA!
We got some vouchers from the airline for postponing our last flight so that helped with the hit to the savings. But see, Mike and I have a problem. A problem I think a lot of couples without kids tend to have. Money just doesn't like to stay in our savings account. When it gets to a certain amount it just starts to scream, "I want to go somewhere cool!!" So we have to do it! BUT! We have gone to some pretty sweet places for being married for not even 2 years. I don't mean to brag ;) but we have to get in what we can before the kids come and start taking all our money :)haha. 

So far we have lived in:
La Jolla

So far we have visited:
New York
and soon to be...

I did tell Mike if he would just buy me a dog, I would be content-but he says they are too expensive. I think the dog might be cheaper in the end. :) Oh well. 


  1. Fun!!! You deserve good trips for all your hard work! And you're right--go on the trips now! Plenty of time to have kids later :)

  2. JEALOUS!!!! but have so much fun!!! get in all the adventures you can!