Monday, August 13, 2012


We certainly got off to a rough start when we showed up at the airport and our plane was cancelled. After 2 hours in line waiting to be rerouted they got us a new ticket. We spent a lot of time in airports the last 27 hours it took to get here but we made it and we only lost out on 6 hours of our trip. Which might not sound too bad except that we are planned down to the minute but it definitely could have been worse. I have heard Prague is a lot like Poland and I definitely believe it. The smell of cigarettes, alcohol and homeless people fill the streets. Oh how I missed it. The gorgeous cobble stone walkways line the whole city. The only difference that we noticed is that really Prague and Poland are both really beautiful and same type of architecture it is just that Prague has a lot more of it.

You have to pay to go to the bathroom but I have never seen one of these. You pay, it opens the door and you get 15 minutes tops. It was in the middle of the street. It was pretty funny and yet very convenient. 

We were starving but we didn't even realize until we started to eat that it was 9:30 whoops! Oh well. We have no sense of time now. We had some delicious pizza and pasta. That might sound untraditional but even pizza and pasta are different in every country. 

We actually got his idea from the Bachelorette-Rubbing the dog is supposed to give you good luck. 

It was all so pretty and there is gorgeous architecture and castles all over the place! This is when I wish I could hire Kristyn to come around and take pictures for us. We are pretty terrible at it. Oh well. 

We stilll have most of the day here and then we are heading to Vienna tonight! 

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