Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer begins!

Mike and I have both started work at a fitness camp on the Ucsd campus. Mike will be doing therapy with families and college age boys and I will be working with the families and older women teaching swim lessons and some other random stuff.
Coming here, we expected to be working with some younger kids and we expected to live on total opposite sides of the campus. Now that They decided to switch us to the family camp, we actually get to have our own apartment. It has already made this experience more fun! We combined the two mattresses in the dorm to make our bed. Gotta get inventive.
The rules with this camp are really strict and it definitely has changed the way we eat but I have to admit- the food is pretty good! Especially when you consider there are only about 2 grams of fat in each meal! Here is a picture of a hummus chicken wrap. It was definitely one of my favorites. Then we can have unlimited fruits, soups and vegetables. We are always so full!
We have been in training this week and have met some cool people. The families come in a few days and that is when the fun will begin! I have a feeling this summer is going to fly by!

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  1. HOW FUN! im so glad you guys get to bet together for the summer and share your cute little dorm room! reminds me of EFY!=)