Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mike's 25th Birthday!

I am a planner. Always have been; always will be. It is a blessing and a curse. Today it was definitely a blessing.
It was Mike's big 25th birthday. Last year, we were packing up to head to California for our wedding so his birthday kind of got slipped under the rug a little bit so I wanted to make this one a little bit more of a big deal. I thought, "What does Mike love?" Easy. Sports, Food and Cars. So about a month ago, I set out to plan a perfect day for Mike. The funny thing is, his birthday was today (Tuesday) but because of his internship we were really planning on doing the adventure on Saturday. Well, I decorated that morning and when I went to wake him up for his favorite breakfast I thought, "Why are we waiting until Saturday!? Call in sick!" I am off for spring break, so it was easier for me to say :). But I convinced him and I think half the excitement of the day was being so spontaneous with it!

In his present was an invitation for the Michael Adventure on Saturday. But, why wait!?
We got all ready and jumped in the car. I had the whole route worked out in my notebook of where we were going to go and what we needed to be wearing at each place. I had Mike pack fancy clothes, sporty clothes and wear normal clothes. I did this because I thought it would add a little to the mystery of our next place. I also had his favorite fruit snacks and drinks already packed in the car ready to go. I was so lucky this was all bought and planned ahead of time!
First stop! To fulfill the sports part we went to Top Golf. We went to this place awhile back with some friends and we LOVED it so we decided to go back. While there, we changed into our fancy clothes. I wanted us to look rich when we went looking for a Porsche!
No, we definitely aren't planning on buying one but Mike LOVES Porsche's! So I found a dealership close to the golfing place that had some great reviews for having very nice salesmen. We went and started walking around in our rich people clothes and a salesman came up. After talking to him for a bit, we dropped the big question. "Can we test drive it?" He said yes. I think it was partly because of our fancy clothes and also becuase he spoke Polish. He showed Mike how that car should be driven and then let Mike take a turn. There was no room for me in the car, but I am sure it was an adventure! The car part of the day was checked off the list. I tried to rent a Porsche for the day...it was a little too pricey. Shame.
And to fulfill his love of food we stopped for lunch! Smart Mikey signed up for a bunch of free stuff for his Birthday and it just so happens that Benihanas does 30$ off your meal for your birthday! Is that not the best deal you have ever heard of?? We enjoyed some lemonade, amazing food and of course a wonderful show. It was delicious!
Then for Mike's real present, we went and bought him some shoes. He has wanted some for awhile and I didn't want to pick them out so we stopped by a mall in the burbs so he could shop til his hearts content. I even bought myself some 9$ leopard shoes. That may be a little selfish. But you can't put me in a mall that long and not expect me to get at least a little something!Afterward, we headed for our last stop the batting cages. Mike used to play a lot of baseball but it just happens to be the only sport I have never seen him play. It was a lot of fun.
The day would have kept going but I had to head up this relief society activity. Shame shame...
so we will have to finish the tennis game, the man movie, one more meal and basketball on Saturday.
All together it was a great day. i just wish birthdays would come along more often!


  1. What a wife!!!!! bet he had an awesome birthday!!!and Blake said he very much approves of your use of sports, golfing and baseball, he said only a REAL women does that! =)

    1. We definitely married men's men didn't we? Haha